It can be rightly said that the applicants for job have just one chance to impress their employers and hiring managers. And on the contrary the hiring managers have only one chance to set their onboarding right to get the employees on the high performing mode. Onboarding helps in setting the employee for the long career of success and if it is not done properly it can drag the whole of the organization down.  But unfortunately not many organizations are listening to this clarion call. According to the study by a research magazine less than forty percent of the organizations have a properly arranged on boarding process. About twenty percent of the HR managers interviewed concluded that the lack of structured onboarding process is letting their organization down and is responsible for high turnover in the initial phase of the working of the employees.

On boarding not only sets the tone for the high performance of the employees and makes them highly comfortable in understanding the job description properly. The roles and responsibilities as expected from the employees becomes crystal clear if proper onboarding is done and when they get a session from the officer to whom they are reporting or going to report.


In the past few years the employee feedback app has created a lot of buzz and furor. These apps have the capability to redefine how an organization’s feedback system is managed. And have the real time benefits. However there are dangers in adhering to these apps as they can create a culture of self satisfaction or feedback complacency. Here the managers feel that they have done enough by airing their feedback anonymously, but an honest and face to face feedback is that which is most needed.

While we must understand that there is a difference between the feedback provider and a  critique. Feedback can be defined as the information regarding the effect of employee’s actions or the level of performance on others. When provided thoughtfully and with consistency it can be a good source of insight and a catalyst for change.  A sincere feedback mechanism can unlock the communication barrier, encourage growth and can lead to the culture of career development in an organization.


We hear the proverb that gone are the days of brick and mortar companies and the era of Ecommerce has arrived. But behind the statement if we can sense the pains of the marketing managers of the Ecommerce organization, then we would understand the real scenario. The challenges faced by the marketing managers of an Ecommerce company are immense. They face the problems  of a new dimension as the look and feel angle is not present in their business. The most significant problem that they face is to generate the traffic and leads for their business. The major fund eating factor is this reason only in an Ecommerce company. The other significant reason that worries the marketing managers of an Ecommerce company is to prove the Return on investment of the marketing activities to the management of the company. The dynamics of an Ecommerce company is tough to configure as the major Ecommerce marketers still making the losses. So the prompt measurement of the effectiveness of the marketing activities is really tough to gauge. Another problem faced by the marketing managers is that of securing enough budget when they are competing for funds with the other departmental heads. Identification and investment in the right technology is the other bottleneck of the Ecommerce company. AS the technology side of the websites is highly volatile, making a judicious choice that justifies the investment from the long term view point is really a challenge. Managing the website with the international audience in mind is another challenge that intimidates the marketing managers.  Similarly training the operational team and hiring top talent for their portal is another major challenge.


Trust has been the topic that has been highly discussed in professional circles because of its importance in running the business. There is a straight correlation between the trust and the equity of the brand. If there is a trust in the business then it does wonders in the shrinking of the sales cycle. It is not a misnomer if we say that the trust is the basic foundation of the success of the marketing department. A lot of marketers suffer from the marketing myopia and concentrate only on the trust that is needed in the customers and the buyers to make the purchase for the first time and as a repeat customer.  If they do this they are concentrating only on one side of the coin. The trust needs to be working on the two way traffic if it has to be fruitful.  If a company needs to win the trust of its customers and buyers in its brand then they would have to look on the other side of the fence as well. The organizations in this scenario need to develop the trust amongst its employees and its own team.  The first step the organizations must take is to equip its team of employees with the requisite resources and authority. If a customer complains to you or has a problem and he/she makes a call and you keep him waiting for your manager to arrive, then it reflects poorly on your team management and the trust you bestow on your team of employees. If the team member hears the problem and immediately solves the problem then the customer feels that the company trusts its employees and you can win the trust of the customers in this way.  But the other face of the situation is that the employees needs to be treated seriously and told that they are both responsible and accountable for their activities. The team members need to be involved in the important decisions regarding pricing, customer related policies and research and development. Just try to get the feedback of your team members on these important issues and this would work wonders in developing the trust and confidence and believe me these measures to enhance transparency in your organization would percolate further down the line and help in building the trust of the customers of your company.


Employee recognition goes a long way in boosting the morale of your work force who are the pillars of success for your organization. Everybody admits the significance of Employee recognition. But equally important are the ways in which we recognize the achievements of our employees. All the progressive organizations are on the lookout for innovative methods to recognize their team’s performance. The first basic step that we take towards employee recognition begins with the record keeping. We must maintain a book in which we keep a record of the achievements of our employees. Whatever method we employ for recognizing the achievements of our employees, but one thing we must keep into consideration is that the employee recognition method should be equipped with a human touch. There is no harm in asking your employees and get the feedback from them regarding their most preferred way to get recognized. While this answer would reflect their hierarchy of needs and you can customize your employee recognition schemes as per the requirement of your team members or employees or arrive at the most preferred way of recognizing your employees within your organization. The methods could be ample but the need is to create a culture of recognition within your organization. Also there is a need to align the employee recognition schemes of your organization to the values and culture of your organization.